Hint: Leave this Window open, chat and look for commands here

Here we will present you the basic functionality of the chat!
  • Channel: Switch between the channels available
  • Box "says to"/"whispered": Speak or wisper directly to a chatter.
  • Menu Ignore: Here you can ignore chatters.
  • Menu Invite: Invite chatters into your private channel.
  • Menu Friends: You can mark other Chatters as your friends, the system will show you, which friend is currently on/offline.
  • Menu Configure: In this area you can change your preferred chat settings, e.g. color etc.
  • Menu Mail: Send a mail message to a chatter and check your own inbox.
  • Menu Help: That's where you're in right now ...
IRC-Command  Explanation
/me Will be replaced with your nickname.
/msg Sends a whispered message to specified chatter, also if he is located in an other channel.
/<nickname> Sends a message to specified chatter.
/join <channel name> Changes the channel.
/query <nickname> Requests a private chat with specified chatter, who are invited automatically, within your own private channel.
/locate <nickname> Searches a chatter within the whole chat.
/ignore <nickname> Adds specified chatter to your ignore list.
/unignore <nickname> Removes specified chatter from your ignore list.
/kick <nickname> Kicks specified chatter. Can be used by operators only.
/ban <nickname> <period> Ban a chatter for the specified period from the current channel. To unban use "/ban nickname 0"! Can be used by operators only.
/help Prints this help.
/quit Quits this chat session.
Code Explanation Code Explanation
:me Your own icon, uploaded within the profile :you The icon of your conversational partner
:-) or :) smile :-p or :p tongue
:-( or :( frown :-x or :kiss: kiss
:,-( or :,( crying :-D or :D biggrin
:-] or :] evillaugh :eating: eating
:-)= beard =:-) punk
~o bomb ~== candle
(:(= ghost (/) denied
~-- dynamite 8) frog
B-)) very big grin :#D sail
:[=] trash    
more codes
:cool: :rolleyes: :yawn: :crying: :angel: :wow: :finger: :hehe: :evillaugh: :fairy: :lovestory: :verysad: :help: :repuke: :scream: :male: :female: :rambo: :nono: :stoned: :thumbsup: :toilet: :smoky: :kidding: :lol: :question: :hi: :phoneme: :confused: :borg: :apresent: :alarm: :dazzler: :tombstone: :director: :cloud: :flower: :kisslipps: :love: :massa: :rain: :rose: :sun: :toffline: